Wednesday, September 17, 2008



Plain flour 1 cup
Wheat flour 1 cup
Split peas powder (kadle / puttani) 1/4cup
Red chilli powder 1tblsp
Coriander finely chopped 1tblsp
Curry leaves 6 chopped
Sesame seeds 1tsp
Whole split peas (hurgadle, puttani) 1tblsp
oil or ghee 2tblsp
Salt to taste
Oil to deep fry


1)Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and add very little water to make a stiff dough.

2)Spread a clean greased thick plastic sheet. Take a small lime size of dough and shape into round.Place it on the plastic sheet and flatten into thin round vadas.

3)Carefully pick up and deep fry it in the hot oil till golden and crisp.

4)Cool and store in air tight container.

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shilpa said...

Thanks Pavi :).I love Nippattu.I will try this and let u know :)